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Meet Amarilys

Amarilys was born into a home of ​Cuban immigrants and grew up in ​small town Alabama. That is quite ​the combo! She can translate ​Southern country English and ​Spanish, if you’re ever in need. ​Growing up in a houseful of Cubans ​meant that you’re always trying to ​outdo all the other craziness in the ​household which led a quick wit ​and a house full of laughter. These ​days, she’s trying to juggle work, ​church and family which includes ​her husband of 19 years, Rhett, and ​two beautiful daughters, Catalina ​(17) and Nova (9).

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Isolated Torn Paper

Meet Misty

Misty was born in Sweet Home ​Alabama! The daughter of a Southern ​Baptist preacher mixed with severe ​ADHD and anxiety is what produced the ​hot mess you hear before you today! ​Today, she is married to her high school ​sweetheart of 25 years (Phillip) and has ​spent the majority of her adult life ​raising her 3 wonderfully made children ​(Isaac, Avri, and Eli). As a special needs ​mom, Misty has a passion for special ​education advocacy and not giving two ​craps about what people think about ​her! She loves singing, podcasting and ​nervously tracking her children on Life ​360! Oh, and she loves glitter and ​Taylor swift 🫶🏻

Our Story

This is the first time we ever recorded. We tried doing it at a ​local coffee shop and the roar of the espresso machine could ​be heard on our recording so we had to re-record the next day.

The pandemic was hard for people like us. We need people to talk to and have ​fun with and just to be perfectly honest, our families weren’t doing it for us. ​Sure, we love them and sure, we take care of them, and sure, we’d punch ​your face off if you ever said one bad thing about any of them but you know, ​we were BORED silly. We had one night a week in which we had a chance to ​get out of the house and that was for choir practice.

Our church choir had virtual choir rehearsal but our worship pastor needed a ​soprano and an alto to help him teach the parts each week. Enter Misty & ​Amarilys, alto and soprano extraordinaire (in our own minds).

One Wednesday night when we had a quick break, Misty leaned over to ​Amarilys and asked about documentary recommendations and it was at that ​moment that the idea to record our thoughts about what we were watching at ​home was born.

We quickly decided to watch and discuss Bikram and the rest is history. That ​first episode is still up and the audio is horrendous because Amarilys didn’t ​(and still doesn’t) have any idea how to audio engineer a podcast recording. ​It’s been trial and error ever since but boy have we laughed and boy have we ​had so much fun getting to know so many new friends! We are so grateful for ​each of you and can’t wait to have you keep growing with us!


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17 t-shirt colors available

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17 t-shirt colors available

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5 colors available

Amarilys’ Favorites

The contraption puts ​your giant Stanley (you ​know you have one) in ​the cupholder and ​keeps your phone safe ​and out of your hands ​while you drive. ​Win/Win! I love this ​thing!

These curtain tie-backs ​are so cute and handy! ​I love lots of color and ​these are perfect for ​my drapes at home.

Y’all, this stuff is ​AMAZING!! Follow the ​instructions and you ​won’t believe the ​magic. It will ​revolutionize your ​kitchen. I LOVE LOVE ​this stuff!

I have been using these ​razors since they came ​out in 2003. I keep ​these babies on my ​Subscribe & Save for me ​and my daughter. Close ​shave, no lathering up! ​They’re awesome!

These are my favorite ​Cuban crackers. So ​buttery and rich. ​They’re super crunchy ​and delicious. Add ​some butter and some ​guava paste if you’re ​adventurous and you’ll ​be in heaven!

Misty’s Favorites

The family tried to act like ​this was mom vibes, but ​everyone was fighting over ​it at Six Flags

I think this is basically ​what my brain looks like ​and it keeps bees out of ​my Stanley!

Because I need the world ​to know I’m extra and it ​has helped me not spill my ​drink all over myself while ​I try to lock my door or ​find my pepper spray!

If you have a sensory kid, ​they will love this! E uses ​it every night to fall ​asleep!

Life changing! I can’t work ​an iron and I get to ​pretend this is a magic ​wand! Win Win!

The only way I can stay in ​the pool with Eli for hours ​without passing out.

Episode List

  • Ep. 1: Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator
  • Ep. 2: Meet The Patels
  • Ep. 3: Crip Camp
  • A conversation with Justin Fisher ​(Bonus companion for Crip Camp)
  • Ep. 4: Aileen Wuornos: The Selling Of A ​Serial Killer
  • Ep. 5: Tiger King Part 1: The Characters
  • Ep. 6: Tiger King Part 2: The Story
  • Ep. 7: Abducted In Plain Sight
  • Ep. 8: Catfish
  • Ep. 9: Jasper Mall feat. directors ​Bradford Thomason & Brett Whitcomb
  • Ep. 10: Cuddle feat. writer/director ​Jason O'Brien

  • Ep. 12: Speed Cubers
  • Ep. 13: Alabama Snake: Religion, ​Relationships, Murder, and Booze
  • Ep. 15: American Murder: The Family ​Next Door
  • Ep. 16: Framing Britney Spears
  • Ep. 17: Don't F*&# With Cats
  • Ep. 18: Homeless: Motel Kids Of Orange ​County
  • Ep. 20: The Wild and Wonderful Whites ​of West Virginia
  • Ep. 21: Mommy Dead and Dearest
  • Ep. 22: Queen Mimi
  • Ep. 23: The Pickup Game
  • Ep. 24: LuLaRich

  • Ep. 25: The Way Down: God, ​Greed, And The Cult Of Gwen ​Shamblin
  • Ep. 26: Grey Gardens
  • Ep. 27: Tiger King II Part One
  • Ep. 28: Twas The Fight Before Christmas
  • Ep. 29: OTD Year In Review 2021
  • Ep. 30: Chicken People
  • Ep. 31: Beanie Mania
  • Ep. 32: Queen Of Versailles
  • Ep. 33: Bully
  • Ep. 34: The Tinder Swindler
  • Ep. 35: I Love You Now Die: (On The Doc ​Version)
  • Ep. 36: Fyre: The Greatest Party That ​Never Was
  • Ep. 37: Super Size Me

  • Ep. 38: Bad Vegan
  • Ep. 39: Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed
  • Ep. 40: The Last Blockbuster
  • Ep. 41: Blackfish
  • Ep. 42: Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey
  • Ep 43: Bound By Flesh
  • Ep. 44: The Girl In The Picture
  • Ep. 55: Betrayal: The Perfect Husband; ​Carlee Russell
  • Ep. 56: Tiny Shoulders
  • Ep. 57: Depp v. Heard
  • Ep. 58: BS High
  • Ep. 59: The Most Hated Man On The ​Internet
  • Ep 60a: The Devil On Trial (pt 1)
  • Ep. 60b: The Devil On Trial (pt. 2)
  • Ep. 61: Escaping Twin Flames

  • Ep. 62: Natalia Grace Speaks
  • Ep. 63: American Nightmare
  • Ep. 64: The Greatest Night In Pop
  • Ep. 65: Lover, Stalker, Killer
  • Ep. 66: What Jennifer Did
  • Ep. 67: Team Foxcatcher
  • Ep. 68: Brandy Hellville
  • Ep. 69: The Contestant
  • Ep. 70: Hollywood Con Queen
  • Ep. 71: Amanda Knox
  • Ep. 72: The Jinx (Season 1, Ep 1)
  • Ep. 73: Ruby Franke
  • Ep. 74a: Dancing With The Devil: The ​7M/TikTok Cult (Part 1)
  • Ep. 74b: Dancing With The Devil: The ​7M/TikTok Cult (Part 2) - (Patreon ONLY)
  • Ep. 75: How To Rob A Bank
  • Ep. 76: Brats
  • Ep. 77: Perfect Wife: The Mysterious ​Disappearance of Sherri Papini (7.3.24)
  • Ep. 78: Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup ​(Patreon Preview) 7.10.24
  • Ep. 79: Mastermind: To Think Like A Killer
  • Ep. 80: Class Action Park

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